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How to Get Kamagra 100?

how to Get Kamagra 100

If you have erectile dysfunction and you are trying to get Kamagra 100, there is exciting news for you. It is very easy to get this drug and you would be on your way to better sex life. This medication is available right here and you can follow the steps we shall share with you to get the medication.

What is Kamagra 100?

Let’s first make sure we are on the same wavelength. This medication you are seeking is intended for impotent men. It is used to help an impotent man to get a hard erection. This drug contains a substance called Sildenafil. Sildenafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor. It makes blood vessels dilate in order for blood to be transported into the penis during sexual stimulation.

Now we know what it is, let’s get prepared to get it.

Doctor’s Appointment

If you suspect you have erectile dysfunction, you need to have it confirmed before you can get treatment. A visit to a urologist or a GP would be your first step. Not everyone knows a good specialist o a visit to a GP can help get a recommendation.

This medication might seem pretty straightforward to use, but that is where many people make the mistake. Kamagra 100 is only safe if you use it safely. The specialist can determine what is safe for you. If you self-medicate, you run the risk of overdosing, suffering effects of interactions, or underdosing.


An assessment needs to be done to confirm the condition. The assessment may involve verbal investigation where the doctor asks you certain questions which will help determine if what you have needs to be treated with this medication.

You should know that some men may have temporary erectile dysfunction caused by anxiety or stress and they do not need medication to deal with it. This is why a doctor may ask how frequently you fail to get an erection and the circumstances under which you fail to do so.


This is another step that gets you closer to getting the drug you need. Tests are often carried out to determine the extent of your problem and to confirm if it will be treated by the drug. An ultrasound test can be carried out to check the state of the arteries in the penis. The ultrasound test gives a picture of how these vessels are working. The most common test is the CIS test which involves the use of injections to stimulate the organ and cause an erection. Do not worry about the use of injection, it is not as painful as it may sound.


If the doctor is convinced that you need this medication, they will write you a prescription. The prescription will identify the medication you need and how much of it. Note that sometimes the doctor may not write the exact brand of medication. Your prescription may indicate Sildenafil and not Kamagra, but that is the same drug.

On the prescription, you will be advised how much of the drug to take. For example, it could indicate that you should take 100 Mg before sex.

The prescription will also be accompanied by a chat with the doctor informing you about the best way to stay safe when using the medication. There are some drugs you shouldn’t use while on this one. You might also be advised not to drive while on the medication.

Buying Kamagra 100

Unless the doctor chooses to give you free drugs, you will have to buy the pills. You can find out from the doctor whether they can be purchased at the practice. That would make it easier since you do not need to hunt for them in different pharmacies.

If that hits a dead end then try the pharmacy. Equipped with your prescription, you can find a genuine seller near you and purchase the drugs.

What many other people find more convenient these days is the option to buy drugs online. There is less movement involved in this process and you will have privacy as you get the drugs. Have your doctor forward the prescription to the online pharmacy and you will have the green light to buy the drugs.

There is something about getting Kamagra online. You may even skip a physical visit to the doctor and have the teledoctor do your diagnosis. This means you may miss out on the tests but the oral assessment can work to a reasonable degree.

It is necessary though that you verify the authenticity of the site from which you get the drugs from as well as the doctor that you consult.

Using Kamagra 100 After Getting it

When you get this drug, you need to use it in the right way. Your doctor will give you the key guidelines to follow when using it. Among them is not to take more than one tablet a day. This is because the drug remains in the body 24 hours. Taking 2 or more may lead to an overdose which has serious consequences.

You need to beware about interactions when using this medicine. Some of them can be major and threaten your life while others might be mild. You need to inform all your doctors about the medications you are taking so that they can prescribe drugs with that knowledge in mind.

Also, when you get this treatment, you may need to deal with some side effects. For most patients, side effects are mild and temporary. The most common side effects include flushing of the face and neck, headaches, back pain, and dizzy spells. You will have more information about them from your healthcare provider.


Anyone considering using this drug needs to begin with an assessment from a trained health provider. The medication should only be used by impotent men. Your physician can help you get Kamagra 100 by writing a prescription for the drug. With a prescription, you can either buy the drug from a pharmacy or get it online. More people choose the online option these days.

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