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A Complete Guide to Everything You need to know about Kamagra

Guide to know Kamagra 100

Treating ED using generic medication is on the rise. A lot of information gaps exist about these drugs. Although millions of people are using these drugs, a fair number remain skeptical about them, especially because they lack the information to encourage their use. Here, you will get all the information necessary to make an informed decision about using Kamagra.

What is Kamagra?

This is a vasodilator tablet and jelly that is prescribed for treating impotence in men. It is in the class of vasodilators known as PDE-5 inhibitors. Such drugs act on an enzyme known as phosphodiesterase type 5.

Kamagra is a prescription-only drug containing Sildenafil. Several drugs contain this ingredient and Viagra is the oldest impotence drug that contains Sildenafil.

This drug is made by Ajanta Pharma Ltd. This business is present in various countries in the world including the USA, Parts of Africa, and is based in India. It has manufactured and distributed several life-saving medications including Antimalarials, cardiovascular medications, and erectile dysfunction drugs like this one.

Kamagra is therefore a product of a reputable company with a solid background in the pharmaceutical industry.


The therapeutic ingredient in the medication is Sildenafil. Without it, the drug wouldn’t be able to treat the ailment. However, certain additives are present and they mainly help to give the drug its form and to aid in dissolving the compound. The actual additives (excipients) include:

  • Calcium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous, which is irresponsible for keeping all the ingredients together.
  • Cellulose microcrystalline, adds structure to the pill
  • Magnesium stearate, which has lubricative properties and aids in the quick disintegration of the tablet.
  • Lactose monohydrate is the coating layer of the tablet.
  • Croscarmellose sodium, which is needed to promote breakdown of the drug in the intestines.

How is Kamagra Used?

The medication is an oral drug and therefore is administered through the mouth. The pills are administered with water and the oral jelly is dissolved in the mouth then swallowed. It is usually taken before sex and it takes effect in about 30 minutes. An impotent man needs to take it only when sex is on the menu.

Before using the drug, the person is encouraged to visit a physician and secure a prescription. Doctors usually instruct the patient how to use the medication based on their diagnosed condition.


Just like usage, the dose is determined by the doctor. Kamagra has different doses and the doctor determines which is best for a patient depending on different things. Among them are the patient’s age, your tolerance of the drug, how long you have had erectile dysfunction, what medication you have been using before, and secondary or primary illnesses you have.

Tests may be conducted before you are prescribed the dose and the results of the test can indicate whether a strong or light dose is needed.

Usually, a patient should be started on a fairly mild dose and that can be adjusted depending on their reaction to the dose. The starting dose could be 100 Mg or 50 Mg. You will also find a lower dose of 25 Mg.

You should know that lower doses have less risk of side effects than the higher ones. It is observed that older men usually react to lower doses more positively than younger ones. Often, men above 70 will be given 25 Mg and it will prove effective.

How Does Kamagra Work?

All PDE-5 inhibitors work within the same principle. They act on the enzyme that controls blood vessel expansion and contraction. That enzyme is PDE-5 and it is responsible for restricting the contraction of muscles within the blood vessels.

An erection is possible when blood vessels are relaxed because they allow more blood to flow through them at low pressure. In impotent men, the blood vessels fail to dilate because PDE-5 is active.

Since Kamagra is an inhibitor of the body protein, it gets into the system and suspends its action. Now, the body can produce nitric oxide which will cause the muscles to relax.

The suspension of phosphodiesterase type 5 action can continue for 6 to 10 hours. This means for that period, a man can get hard if he is sexually enticed.

The full potential of this drug is experienced after 4 hours. After that time, Kamagra may begin to weaken. But, this depends on an individual. Some men can attain strong erections even up to 10 hours after taking the medication.

So, the working of this drug is simply achieved by blocking the protein PDE-5 long enough for a man to attain a strong erection suitable for sexual intercourse.

Advantages of Kamagra

There may be other options to treat your case of impotence, but they may not have the same benefits. While you discuss the options with your doctor, they may point out some of these advantages.

Easy administering: There is not a lot involved in the treatment, you simply have to swallow a tablet or eat a jelly. In comparison, the other option may involve a major operation to install a gadget that will help you get an erection. That is obviously more complicated and you would be better off with this treatment that you can administer on your own.

Affordability: Most men may be more familiar with Viagra as treatment for ED. However, the price of that drug can make it difficult to use it long term. In contrast, Kamagra is relatively cheap and yet offers the same level of efficacy. You can even get great discounts on this medication. Although some people think the price may be a reflection of quality, that’s not the case. This drug is simply made in a country with low production costs.

Safety: When using this medication, you are assured of its safety. With supervision of a medical professional, you will be sure that there are no complications like serious side effects.

Efficacy: According to clinical trial results, this medication shows positive results. As many as 80% of men treated with the drug were able to get strong erections. In cases where the drug did not work, the patient may have had a different cause of impotence or used the medication incorrectly.

Improvement of life: Research indicates that people who use this medication benefit beyond the ability to sustain an erection. Impotence tends to affect a man’s well-being and that also affects his quality of life. By treating the main symptom, a man’s life can improve with less risk of depression, loss of self-esteem, or relationship breakup.

Better health: The use of a vasodilator is an advantage because it can also help to deal with complications like high blood pressure. When the arteries relax, they cause a reduction in blood pressure. High blood pressure is the result of many things which include a stressful life. Taking this drug to get an erection  may assist relaxation and bring down your blood pressure.

Side Effects

You could experience several side effects after you take this medication. There are common ones that are mild and not so common ones that can be severe. Side effects can carry on for the duration of the drug’s activity in the body. For many people, the side effects reduce in intensity within a few hours of them beginning. Your doctor will explain to you how best to deal with them. In most cases though, you just have to wait for them to go. Here is what you may experience after medication

Flushing: This side effect is commonly observed. This is when the face or parts of it turn red and you may feel a bit hot on the face and around the neck. It is to be expected because Sildenafil dilates blood vessels. It’s not just the blood vessels in the penis or leading to it that will expand, all vessels expand. When they do this, they get closer to the skin and they are filled with blood. This is what will cause the face to look red.

This effect can begin to fade as the drug loses strength in the body. Some men depend on this side effect to know when they can get an erection after taking the meds.

Apart from being asked why your face has turned red, there is not much discomfort caused by this effect.

Headache: This is the second most reported side effect. 25 out of 100 men who use the drug will complain about headaches. The ache however is relatively mild as long as you haven’t taken an overdose. Headaches are caused because the increased flow of blood doesn’t just go to the penis but also to the brain. More blood flowing into the brain can cause headaches. It is not something to worry about because as the vessels begin to narrow again, the headache will fade. Many men eventually get used to the drug and will not fill the headache. If the intensity of the headache is too much, you may need to reduce the dosage. Some doctors recommend using painkillers to manage this effect.

Congestion in the nose: This is another side effect that occurs because of the widening of blood vessels. But in particular, it is the build-up of nitric oxide that is believed to cause nasal blockage. With this effect, even a dose as low as 50 Mg can cause it. For someone with asthma, it may feel more intense than it would for a normal person. Nasal congestion as a result of Sildenafil can go on for 4 hours or even more. To deal with it, you can use nasal sprays that help to create moisture in the nose. Humidifiers and warm baths are also known to help with congestion. People on this medication are usually encouraged to hydrate.

Based on a small study carried out, doctors sometimes recommend lowering the dose of Kamagra when nose blockage seems to make it hard to have sex. Remember, it is a vigorous exercise that requires heavy breathing.

Visual interference: This can happen when the drug has hit its peak performance. In most men, it will not last long and doesn’t cause so much disturbance unless you are driving when it occurs. There are common reports of a man’s vision becoming very blue and light seeming more intense than before. Some people may also have blurred vision as a result of light sensitivity. You can manage this side effect by avoiding bright light when you notice your vision changing. Normally the eyes are not permanently affected. But you should be able to differentiate this from the symptom of overdose which can cause temporary blindness in one or both eyes.

Muscle and back pain: It is common for certain users of the drug to get aches in particular parts of the body. More often than not, people will complain about discomfort around the back although it can also be in the muscles. Usually, the pain is not severe and doesn’t stop you from enjoying sex. If you cannot stand pain to any degree, consider using over-the-counter pain meds. You could also describe the situation to your doctor and they may find a solution for it. However, make sure the medication you choose to use doesn’t interact with Sildenafil.

Feeling lightheaded: This is to be expected especially when you have just started using the medication. Feeling dizzy and low blood pressure are often linked together. After a few doses of Kamagra, your body should get used to the drug and you will not experience that drowsy feeling. Some men may have persistent lightheadedness whenever they take the medication. In such situations, a discussion with the physician is advisable. You may need to reconsider your dose. It also helps to keep hydrated to avoid serious dizzy spells. Advice from road safety experts is that you do not drive when you are dizzy.

Indigestion: As stated before, sildenafil acts on all the muscles of your blood vessels. This includes those which separate the stomach and esophagus. When those muscles relax, some stomach acid can find its way into the esophagus. That can result in heartburn. You can limit the degree of discomfort by taking in a lot of water over the course of the day. Some antacid remedies can also be used. Limiting or cutting out alcohol is advised since it can increase this side effect.

Lower blood pressure: When the blood vessels expand, the pressure obviously reduces. If you undergo medical tests after taking this medication, it will be revealed that your blood pressure is lower than usual. This however is no cause for concern. The blood pressure is not dangerously low. However, if you have cardiovascular problems or serious hypertension, then this medication may seriously affect your blood pressure.

Priapism: This is a serious side effect of the medication but it rarely occurs with normal use of the drug. This condition refers to an erection that remains for more than 4 consecutive hours. It is usually painful as well. It is possible to suffer permanent damage to the organ if this condition is not attended to quickly. Priapism can happen if you overdose on this medicine or if you take a substance that interacts with the medication.

Interactions of Kamagra

Both non-drug and drug interactions may occur when you are using this medication. Non-drug interactions can be more likely for people who take Kamagra without consulting their doctor. Some of them can seem very innocent and yet their potential to cause serious interactions is very high.

Drug interactions can also pose a serious threat because you may take a medication without knowing its ability to interact with this medicine.

The most serious interactions are those that amplify the effect of the drug. Interactions like that will create severely reduced blood pressure that could be life-threatening.

The other side of the coin is interactions which will block the action of the drug meaning it will either take long to cause an erection or may not cause one at all. There is usually a risk of overdose after such interaction because one may think they should increase the dosage to get better results. Here are some of the different interactions.

Grapefruit: This is a non-drug interaction but it can cause severe consequences. Grapefruit, whether in juice or pulp form can cause interaction with Kamagra and any drug that is a vasodilator. It has its own vasodilating properties and so if you mix it with this ED medicine, your blood pressure can drop dangerously low. You can also be at risk of priapism and different severe side effects of the drug.

Alcohol: Even though you are told that alcohol in moderation is safe, for some people it is a good idea to stay away from it when using this medication. It can reduce the efficacy of the medication but increase side effects. Taking too much alcohol will lead to hangover symptoms which amplify the side effects of Kamagra. For example, dizzy spells and headaches can be more severe with the use of alcohol. It can also leave you dehydrated.

Nitrates: This is the most common drug interaction. Drugs that contain nitrates are a danger when you are using PDE-5 inhibitors. These can cause too much nitrate oxide in the body and that will cause serious reduction of blood pressure. Drugs like nitroglycerine and other high blood pressure medication as well as heart medication can react with PDE-5 drugs.

Ritonavir: This treatment is often used to manage HIV. It has the ability to increase the amount of nitrates in your system. Using it while you are on Kamagra requires careful spacing between doses. Often, a doctor will advise that you take a lower dose of the ED medication and you do not use it more than once in 48 hours.

Cimetidine: This drug is used to treat stomach ulcers as well as manage heartburn. However, it can also increase blood concentration of Sildenafil. It is unwise to use it with a high dose of Kamagra. A physician would know the best dosage of each drug if you must use both of them.

Alpha-blockers: These are the main drugs employed in handling  high blood pressure. They work in the same way ED medications function, they let blood vessels remain soft. The difference though is that they act on different body chemicals. The result however is the same and having both active at the same time will result in overdose.

Similar ED drugs: Mixing drugs to treat the same condition will obviously result in an overdose. If a patient is already on a similar drug, there is no reason to take on another. If the first one is not working, first cease its use before you begin using this one.

Tobacco and marijuana: These two substances can affect the way drugs are broken down. You need to know as well that tobacco use can cause impotence. Studies on males as young as 20 years showed that using tobacco raised the risk of developing impotence at an early age. When you smoke marijuana or tobacco, you can make this drug ineffective.

Fatty foods: Fatty foods can line the walls of the stomach and hinder absorption of Kamagra. When you are using this drug, it is advisable not to eat junk food just before you take the medication. But even ordinary food needs to be eaten in moderation because eating too much food before you swallow the drug can interfere with the concentration of sildenafil in the body.

More than 300 possible interactions are identified by scientists. They range between mild and major. The patient leaflet for this drug provides some information about interactions. You will also get guidance from the doctor about how to use this drug safely and avoid interactions. Note that some men with existing chronic conditions may also have to take precautions when using the medication.

How to get Best Results From Kamagra ?

Like every medication, the best way to use it is with advice from the person prescribing it. Your physician will determine the best dose to comply with and how often to utilise the drug. In some rare cases, they recommend a daily dose while others may ask you to take it only when you need to have sex. More advice that they give includes the following.

Lifestyle edit: You may need to change the way you live to ensure the best results. If you have been smoking and drinking a lot, it will be important to give that up. It has already been established that lifestyle choices like use of tobacco and recreational drugs can affect your potency. Your alcohol intake should be adjusted also.

Exercise: This medication is known to work better when you live an active life. Exercise increases blood supply to different organs. By doing regular exercise, you also ensure that blockages caused by fat buildup can be cleared. You will also notice that the medication works faster if you exercise regularly.

Eat right: The right foods are also important. Not only should you avoid junk food, but you also need to find foods that promote better health. Erectile dysfunction is usually associated with conditions like high blood pressure, cardiac complications, and diabetes. All these conditions can be controlled by eating the right foods. If possible, talk to a nutritionist to help come up with an eating plan.

Avoid stress: Stress is a regular trigger of erectile dysfunction. Even if you are on this medication, if your mind is not relaxed, it may not work. Relationship problems need to be addressed. Psychiatrists recommend that couples communicate more often about their problems. In some cases, couple therapy may be necessary to improve the working of the drug. If you intend to have sex, it is advisable not to have tension with the person you will have sex with.

Counseling: At times impotence may cause serious psychological problems that may need professional help. Counseling and therapy may be needed for an individual with depression. Maybe a visit to a sex therapist may be necessary as well.

Purchasing Kamagra

You need to start with a visit to a specialist. This can either be done physically or online. Many tele doctors can diagnose the problem and prescribe the right dose for you.

While buying this medication, it may be a good idea to get less for a start. The first dose a doctor prescribes can be too strong or the opposite. Doses are subject to change depending on your reaction.

Alternatively, you can buy tablets that can be easily adjusted to suit the dose. What we mean here is that, if you buy 50 Mg of Kamagra, it is easy to increase the intake to 100 Mg by simply taking 2 tablets.

While buying this medication, you need to be careful not to purchase from unscrupulous traders who may give you fake drugs or those that are not fit for use.

do a check on the pharmacy you are purchasing from. Look out for certification from the right association. All legit pharmacies are regulated by a body that provides them with certification if they meet minimum standards.

A website like this one is a safe place to buy Kamagra, we will give you genuine drugs and we deliver the product discreetly to you. If you want to know where to buy Kamagra from click here.


  1. Is Kamagra a legal drug?

All the ingredients in this medication are approved for use in human treatment of erectile dysfunction. There is no dangerous substance in Kamagra and a man just has to use the medication as he is advised to by the doctor. You will not be arrested for selling or buying this medication and your life will not be at risk if you use it. However, some countries in Europe have not approved its use yet and so you may not find it on sale in the pharmacies. Kamagra is Generic Viagra and can be legally purchased online from a licensed pharmacy after you present a prescription.

  1. Can women take this medicine?

Ajanta Pharma made Kamagra for men with erectile problems. There have been no trials on this medication to find out if it can be used by women as well. It is not advisable for a woman to take this medication without a doctor’s advice. The side effects on a woman may be different in intensity and that may be a problem. The manufacturer also indicates that pregnant women shouldn’t take the medicine.

  1. How long does an erection last?

This medicine gives the man natural ability to attain an erection. The amount of time he will sustain that erection will depend on his natural ability to delay ejaculation. Under normal circumstances, the erection will go down after ejaculation. But it has also been noted that many men can maintain an erection even after ejaculation. Other men will have a quick recovery and be ready for more. The responses here may vary from individual to individual. However, a constant erection shouldn’t exceed 4 straight hours. That can only happen if you have taken an overdose of the drug.This should be managed as an emergency.

  1. Has anyone died because of Kamagra?

There is no recorded death as a direct result of using Kamagra. Although the drug may lower blood pressure or pose a threat to people with certain heart conditions, the drug itself has not caused the death of anyone using it under medical supervision. In the early introduction of Sildenafil as a treatment for impotence, some reports of men getting sudden heart attacks were investigated. The victims were found to have underlying conditions responsible for the death. By the time Kamagra was manufactured, enough was known for doctors to safely prescribe this drug without putting patients’ lives at risk.


  • Kamagra is an effective drug used to treat male impotence
  • Kamagra is made from the same ingredient as Viagra, Sildenafil
  • Start by consulting with a trained health specialist
  • This medication can achieve full erection between 30 minutes to an hour
  • Side effects are not intense and can be managed through changes in dosage
  • Consulting the urologist is necessary for safety when using the medication
  • The medication offers temporary relief from erectile dysfunction
  • Kamagra is available for purchase online at this online pharmacy.
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